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How student books are like combat sports

Found out about Machida’s controversial win recently and it got me thinking about why we shouldn’t have market leaders in our portfolios.

Machida is the UFC champ. He has tons of money riding on him and support backing him. He also has a proven track record. Both sides put up a helluva fight and while most thought the lesser-known challenger had won, the deciding vote among the judges went to Machida. Why? Because as objective and unbiased we purport to be an awesome reputation precedes. The only real way any unknown challenger can win without contest is by knockout.

We as students are amateurs, it’s like in Rocky, you can train and fight and beat up butcher-shop inventory as hard as you can but Apollo will win, unless you can conclusively convince all ‘judges’ (ie creative directors) that you’re better.

Knockouts are impressive, it’s a clearer win. And losers are easier to knock out than winners. Which is why picking a loser brand’s advertising to beat is a better way to start than trying to convince people you’ve taken down the champ.

Of course you don’t want to fight nobodies either (picking an obscure niche product or making one up) because nobody wants to watch you shadow-box.


8. Portfolio Review

8 portfolio review

It’s been a wait but… Here’s my WebComic!

Meet the Cast

Meet the Cast

I’ve worked on it quite a bit over the summer, and updates will likely come every Monday. Please check it out and let me know what you think in the coming weeks!

New Young Liberals Logo Design

The idea is to incorporate the ‘y’ (for young) and ‘j’ (for jeune) into the logo, and to lend it a sense of vibrancy/elegance.

l_logo_red sansserifDo you see it? Old on left, new on Right. Let me know what you think…

Business Card Redesigns with new Logo

I was required to include a map similar to the old card, along with email, facebook, logo, address and phone number, and a graphic design element. So I did. All pointers/tips welcome:



SPEC AD 3: Esquire

I think this’ll be the last one for the print portion, next up I’ll design a sticker-book with possible stickers and maybe find some outdoor places to actually stick ’em.

guitar copy

Tag reads: “The Rules. Read ’em before you perform ’em.”

Esquire SPEC AD2: Cubicle

Too tired to ask your opinion, but please give it. Which execution is better? If the latter, I think I will make it transparent like in the speedo one (don’t have time now).

cubicle wall1 copy

cubicle wall alternate copy

Sticker reads: “Rule No. 659: The dumber the man, the louder he talks.”

That’s it for now. Oh, will hint at upcoming project involving Reason…