Richard Tseng sometimes loves those pictures and words from sponsors more than the scheduled programs themselves. He says sometimes because the rest of the time he wishes the version in his head was what was up on the screen.

Interested in just about everything, I want to be a creative because I want to make the sponsors’ message more engaging than the shows themselves. I want to sell with style, because while all art advertises, not all advertising is art.

This is my blog, where I share my thoughts on the advertising, marketing, PR and everything in between. A sucker for the old greats, I try to offer context and some history to the great ideas bouncing around today as well as suggest ideas for how we can make some of the lame stuff between shows better. Expect to get analysis on strategies, concepts, taglines, art, copy, and everything in between delivered in an easy-to-understand tone. Expect also flights of the theoretical as I try to place ideas in a larger paradigm in order to get a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t and what impact all this is having.

In addition I’ll be charting my progress into the ad world as I try to turn my deformed, slimy, gnarl-toothed duckling of a portfolio into a swan princess agencies would kill to own.

Read on as I advertise for the right to copywrite.


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  1. thanks for the comment on PN7, I will see there

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