Introducing the Wall of Lame: Ads to force 10 second online viewing

News from Adweek this morning states that top online publishers ” including The Wall Street Journal and Reuters, has signed up to test a new initiative that plops commercials in front of users as they arrive at Web sites, blocking the content.” Basically you’ll be forced to look at the silly thing for 10 seconds before you’ll be allowed to do anything else on the website.

Personally, I’m pretty sure these things already exist as trailers for online shows and other content, they just don’t accost you right when you get to the site. That’s like paying the doorman to slam a flyer in the face of everybody who wants to enter the establishment.

Predictions? Blogs and publications that DON’T require you to wait in darkness while seeking the light of knowledge will gain yet further ascendancy while these guys rage further into the night. Particularly since many web users keep multiple windows open and flit around on their web consumption anyway. Force 10 seconds of inactivity on me right as I enter your site and my space-age ADD will take me to your competition and forget why I was on your page in the first place.


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