Viral Advertising that doesn’t lie for once

Tron advertising of this magnitude at Comic-Con is a sure sign that us geeks and nerdettes are pretty close to ruling the world. According to AdFreak, mysterious tokens to Flynn’s Arcade, a location in the original Tron movies, were sent out to buzz blogs like, followed by other breadcrumbs culminating in a blacklight scavenger hunt at the San Diego Comic-Con, a live recreation of Flynn’s Arcade, and a hidden room containing a real-live lightcycle set to Daft Punk’s musical score for the upcoming movie.

Why is it that movies seem to be the best at viral marketing? Last year’s Dark Knight Why so Serious? alternate reality game and Coraline boxes were both honorable enough not to try and deceive us with a hoax and interesting enough to keep die-hard fans entertained, generating positive buzz in the process. Both won Cannes Lions for their efforts.

So why can’t brands other than movies go the same route? Thus far good viral campaigns that aren’t movies and aren’t predicated on some sort of fake youtube hoax are few and far between.


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