A ridiculous thing happened on my way to production…

I recall stating that I would execute some ads last week after coming up with a bunch of headlines.

I will.

Except I have to re-write those headlines.

Actually, I had quite a few of them written out for 3 spec clients on the bus downtown. Then I forgot about them until Monday when I pulled from the dryer what must have been the same shirt I wore during that fit of inspiration. In the right breast pocket lay a clump of blue-gray lint the size of a pink eraser.Writing was completely indiscernible.

Subsequent lab tests have revealed that they were, indeed, my babies.


On the other hand, if I can’t remember them now they probably weren’t nearly as good as they seemed at the time.

Anybody else got similar stories of beautiful ideas now forever gone because of an unfortunate encounter with a spilt drink or thoughtless litter? Maybe you were trapped in a cabin in the Arctic once with neither food, fire nor toilet paper and all you had was your three-volume novel which you’d just worn your fingers to the bone writing by hand…

Just saying. Anyway I’d love to read ’em.

In the meantime here are a couple Economist parodies by moi.

economist spec copy

economist spec2 copy


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