The -$6000 Question: Are you really sure you want to do this?

creative job web copy

Based on extensive research, this is my artistic rendition of what the creative profession looks like.

In Words…

Day in and day out, designers, copywriters, art directors, illustrators and web programmers are filling boxes. These boxes are magazine-sized, screen-sized, billboard-sized and sometimes even city-sized. The packaged ideas are then sent to the client where they are almost immediately incinerated. The creative, though upset, is oftentimes too busy filling the wall of new boxes which demand his/her attention to protest much.

After which I get asked the titular question.

It’s the negative $6000 question because if you answer yes you will have to pay at least that in tuition for ad school. These days ad school is just about mandatory if you want to break into the industry*.

So I’ll likely come out of ad school in six thousand dollars of debt, working for free as an intern in the boiler-room of some agency, putting lightbulbs in boxes and placing them on a conveyor belt to client-hell, where they will likely be converted into smoke and hot air.

And yet my answer is still an emphatic yes.

Why? Because trying to portray the daily feeling of NOT working in the field of advertising is impossible. I simply can’t imagine how a career in another industry could be better. This pressure to communicate selling ideas would likely explode my head if left unreleased.

Next Week…

In the interest of demonstrating that I can write, I am crafting a campaign a day that will be headline-driven. Next week I’ll execute and post them online.

*Despite what creative directors and current creatives may tell you, it’s practically impossible to even get an internship without having gone to an ad school, at least in North America and the UK. I have met more ad school graduates than I have people in the ad industry of similar age, which means school ain’t a sure bet, but I’ve never met a creative younger than thirty who didn’t do an advertising program before getting in.


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