The final stretch: My last campaign (before PN7)

Saw the Lisbon event today via online meeting, was a little intimidated. For some reason I kept picturing myself there and doing mortifying things like dropping my lap top and then getting my head tangled in a CD’s skirt trying to pick it up under the table (the quarters seemed a little cramped).

Anyway, here’s the final campaign I’ll be bringing with me to PN7. It took me quite some time to concept this and work out all the kinks to what I think is a good idea and a nice ‘ambient’ example.

The idea (which is somewhat lamely conveyed via photoshop here) is to provide subscribers with Esquire Rules stickers, which can be applied where they deem fit, such as dentist’s offices and on photos. Also, Esquire itself will run ads with pre-applied stickers in apt places. The taglines will have slight alternations to fit the situation (hence ‘read ’em or wear ’em). I think this is my strongest campaign yet, but I’d love to know your thoughts, as always.

speedo1 copy


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