20 Economist mock-ups for Pete Barry’s “The Advertising Concept Book”

Just something to think about while I wait for approval on the flags and go ahead with the business cards. Please vote on your top 3 favorites. Here are some official ones so you know what the style is like.





1. Because this color shouldn’t be all you see in every argument.

2. Use what comes with our knowledge responsibly.

3. Crooked is no state for your facts to be in.

4. No matter what percentage, what we say affects how you say it.

5. That guy who’s always right? Brought to you by us.

6. If your co-workers don’t talke about us, they’re just trying to stay ahead.

7. The only way to know if blissful ignorance is over-rated.

8. Insert after ‘because’, before ‘therefore’.

9. The checkmate to junior’s incessant ‘why?’ game.

10. Few celebrities/models on our covers. Just muses.

11. We provide the few out of a thousand-worth that really matter.

12. Never say ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ again.

13. Save on ‘forget-me-not’s.

14. Because clothes alone won’t make you.

15. First impressions. We made ours, now it’s your turn.

      15. (b) First impressions. There. Now let’s help you make yours.

16. We make even the weather interesting to discuss.

     16. (b) Even the weather can make for interesting conversation.

17. Why ‘filler’ is what you call all the others.

18. Put the ‘will’ after ‘they’ and say it with confidence.

19. When there’s more to remember, you’ll remember more.

20. Make ‘Y’ the generation for whom you’ll have the answers.

     20.(b) Make ‘why’ the generation you have the answers for.

Please give me your top 3, I’m running an experiment, and will have the results for you in a future post if enough of you respond to this one.


One response to “20 Economist mock-ups for Pete Barry’s “The Advertising Concept Book”

  1. 7, 14 & The celebrity muse.

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