TV: Spec Ad for Crest Toothpaste 2


Something more visually-oriented next week, maybe I’ll post the storyboard for this. More to come soon…

Crest Sound Campaign TV Mirror SpecAd2


(We open on a man, balding, in a t-shirt and pyjama bottoms, just finishing the brushing of his teeth. The mirror suddenly becomes a monitor, flickering, then white as the voice-over comes in…)


ANNOUNCER: To show you why more Americans prefer Crest to any other toothpaste, we’ve hired renowned artist ________ ________ to give you a visual idea of what using Crest sounds like to him.


(Mirror becomes a plethora of wacky colorful images flashing by, shimmering sounds follow the art–Think Windows Media Player graphics but more intense.)


ANNOUNCER: Thank you, we hope this clarifies things.


(Screen flickers, then becomes mirror again.)


(Shot of man from chest up, he stares, turns tap on, washes face and spits out water, stares at mirror/viewer, scratches head, then smiles as he says ‘Crest’, then holds the smile.)


(logo fades on-screen)


ANNOUNCER: No explanations necessary. Crest. The sound of a healthy clean.


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